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A magic school is an institution for learning magic, appearing in works of fantasy depicting worlds in which magic exists and in which there is an organized society of magicians or wizards who pass on their knowledge in a systematic way. It may also be a school which is magically protected, or a Faculty of Magic in a university which also teaches other subjects. In a more loose way, also a place where a single wizard teaches an apprentice can count as a magic school.

Magic schools include:

Dungeons and Dragons[edit]


Harry Potter universe[edit]

Other schools[edit]

  • Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts (W.A.D.A.)[3]

Winx Club universe[edit]

  • Alfea College, a magic school/college that teaches magic and its history for fairies featured in Winx Club.
  • Beta Academy for Fairies, a rival school of Alfea College that teaches magic for fairies.
  • Cloud Tower, a school that teaches dark magic for witches. A supposedly enemy school of Alfea College in the Winx Club series.

Elder Scrolls[edit]



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