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So to start..... Hello My name is lyndsay I have one dog and her name is maggie she is the most adorable thing you have ever laid eyes on, I like bikeing, rollerbladeing, tennis, basketball and loads more other things I like but it would take forever to write so I'm going to leave it at that for now. My Soro was my first pet and my battler he's SOOO cute! and Sika is my second pet she is my little angel! and Zevex is my third pet and my little reble! whereas Koryaba is a little angel on the outside but dont get on this little fox's nerves being the little'st I kinda spoil her. I love meeting new people and new friends and I love to chat on the boards you can almost always catch me there. I am in a choir and I love it! its fun and we go places and to top it off, I get to sing! I think I should let you go then I've held you up long anough with my constant blabbering,