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Archiving old talk, without too much worry about organization. --VR

First is that (for example) Smile (album) is a better page title than just Smile, because many things can be and are called "Smile." (A more distinctive title, such as Pet Sounds or Rubber Soul, can generally stand alone.)

Point taken... Will make attempts to amend.

I'm also concerned that you're quoting large pieces of reviews on relatively short pages about Jandek albums, and this could be a copyright issue.

Authors have been contacted, and have agreed. -- Cadastral

Yes, mozilla is the most standards compliant browser out there. For that plan of mine, it would make more sense to make changes to it, than write some new software (which would end up embedding gecko anyway). Mozilla, moreoever, supports the most platforms of any browser. To make, and note the outlandish remark, this feasible, this features of mozilla would make the most sense. User:hfastedge

Hi Vicki, I'm the one who wrote the article about el Cid. My name is Jorge Tamayo, from Madrid Spain. Even if I tried a free-style translation of the last sentence, I'm not native in english and it shows. Your version is better. Thank you for editing, the article needed it.

Oh, Vicki! Welcome to Wikipedia! We need your skills! I've already admired a submission or two (e.g., saint). --MichaelTinkler

Welcome aboard, Vicki! Polymaths and editors are the backbone of Wikipedia. -- User:Claudine

Hi Vicki --

There is in fact, some belief that Charlemagne caused Carloman's death, but I'd be kinda careful. There isn't a lot of evidence for it. We do know through extant sources that Carloman made very large grants to religious foundations and seems to have demonstrated sincere piety. Also, by entering a monastery, Carloman would have given up any right to inheritance (although he may have had some control over how lands he held were dispersed). Because of this, I tend to disregard those rumors. Now Grifo, the half-brother of Charles and Carloman ....

would you mind terribly if I removed the reference? User:JHK

Sure, rephrase or remove. I based that on something that I think was written in the 1950s, so may well have been disproven by now.


Just put back Orange, the telecoms company. They are a major player in the UK, and are moving globally. They are probably worth an article in their own right once we get bracketed headings - their rise has been mercurial. User:sjc

Hi Vicki - just wanted to say welcome and hello. I never knew where "Bronx" came from - thanks for that. Regards Manning

--Wow! Great work on the senses. I'm a medical doctor by training and I'd never heard of "umami", so I went and looked it up. Re the spelling, "Nature Neuroscience" spells it "umami" and I couldn't find any medical references to "umame" (which only means that "I" couldn't find them) so I chose that spelling as the primary one. You also (properly) pointed out my humano-centricity so I went and looked up electroception and magnetoception. Cheers- MB

Hi Vicki, I've been admiring your work, and I wanted to give you a much-belated welcome to the project, and sorry it wasn't sooner. There are so many good people who have arrived in the last few months, it's hard to keep up! --User:Larry Sanger

Hi Vicki -- I listed the fat, stupid, ugly pages on TB deleted already... thanks for noticing them, too, because I thought i must have been hallucinating! User:JHK

hi Vicky I?m the starter of the wikipedia in basque. what can I do for you? I?m eager to contribute. Did I do something wrong? Not really, but I wanted something local and in English. Please check anything I write about Basque language or culture for accuracy

Thanks Vicki for your recent contribution to Masculism. It was a point essential to bring up and I hope I flushed it out OK. User:QIM

I would say "thank you," except that I don't think I've written anything there. User:VR

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I did just update Aleutian Islands about five times; I ran into an edit conflict, so wound up putting my bits in a paragraph or two at a time, to avoid trouble. (The other person editing was working on a different chunk of the article, so it was a database conflict but not a disagreement.)

Hi Vicki - are you also a fan of Terry Pratchett? User:JHK

More or less--and my partner very much so--I've read most of his books, and we have some of the remainder (non-Discworld stuff). VR
actually, Now that you mention it, I am a little vague on what people can do, besides helping suggest areas where we can create valid methodology articles that the people in question won't read! Also, it would be good if more detached minds could look out for the debates, and perhaps re-voice them, because the messages don't get through the way we write them! Thanks! User:JHK

good luck with HJ, Vicki - someone's got to do it. MichaelTinkler

Vicki, could you have a look at the history for morphine and make sure my corrections to your recent copyedit were in fact corrections and not messing up what you did? Graham Chapman

Graham, thanks for catching my slip. Prescription is indeed correct there. Vicki Rosenzweig

content moved to User talk:H.J.

Yay, Vicki! I hope this wonderful attentiveness to our needs doesn't mean you're home sick, or something? MichaelTinkler

Job hunting, actually. And in certain moods, editing is easier than writing, or even than playing computer games. Thanks for the kind wishes, Michael. (And if anyone needs an editor, either in the NYC area or to work remotely, let me know.) Vicki Rosenzweig

Vicki asked, "at what point do we remove 1911 annotation?"

My two cents: when both language and content are fully modernized. As long as anachronisms or ou-of-date information remain, I'd keep that annotation as a "warning flag" that more work is needed.

By the way, my thanks and admiration go out to your constant editorial labors. As an indifferent speller and careless typist, I for one am in your debt. -- April

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for the welcome message! I'm trying to update some of the information related to my home country, Romania, but I have all sorts of other interests as well. My greatest problem though is that I'm really not satisfied with my lack of English vocabulary and aproximate knowledge of grammar, and I would appreciate it very much if you would consider throwing a critical eye every once in a while on some of the stuff I've been writing.
Thanks again, Daniel _____

Hi Vicki,
I just noticed at April 18 your deletion of the death years at birth entries, and ages at death entries. I didn't originate this practice, but it did seem like a good idea so I followed it without much consideration when the information was at hand. It seems that you have stronger views on this than I, and I would appreciate reading them. Eclecticology

Following the format given on the example page, basically. Also, it seems to clutter things; we're providing very sketchy info here (year of birth, and a word or two about what a person did), and pointing to separate articles for each. Vicki Rosenzweig

Thanks for confirming my labelling of as a vandal. I just got sysophood yesterday and I'm in one of those silly nervous states where I feel obligated to work hard for Wikipedia and at the same time am paranoid about screwing up. Considering that I had an actual dream about editing Wikipedia last night, perhaps I should consider taking a walk to smell some flowers for a while today. :) Bryan Derksen, Sunday, April 21, 2002

To User:Ed Poor: This is an encyclopedia, not an anthology of religious poetry. I don't know whether we're legally in the clear on the Sun Myung Moon poem, or the poem cited as found on a wall at Mother Teresa's, but even if we are, they don't belong here, any more than a sermon written by a noted poety when she was a teen would. (I'm putting this note in your talk and mine, and will wait a little while before deleting these items.) Vicki Rosenzweig

Lacking any response from Ed, or anyone else, I have deleted the Moon poem. Vicki Rosenzweig

  1. ITIS stands for Integrated Taxonomic Information System. It started as US government based inter-agency which included the Dept. of Agriculture and the Smithsonian Institute among its partners. In its own words "The goal is to create an easily accessible database with reliable information on species names and their hierarchical classification." This consortium has since added the corresponding Canadian and Mexican agencies, and it has further links to the "Global Biodiversity Information Facility. For more about the agency see
  2. I admit that these taxonomic pages do have a skeletal look to them. At the risk of seeming apologetic, this venture was undertaken with a view to suggesting a taxonomic structure to link related articles. The approach suggest a common template for these articles, and I've been hoping to set these up for the level of orders and up, beginning with flowering plants. Anyone can add to these pages especially when it comes to adding more descriptive materials. There is also plenty of room for development at the family level and below. There do remain serious differences about which is the correct way of placing life forms in a taxonomic tree. Thus, using ITIS should no imply that I consider it correct in every respect, but I would hope that using a fairly comprehensive structure as a starting point could lead to a synthesis that could be accepted by a significant group of participants. --Eclecticology, Saturday, June 1, 2002

Take a look at Artiodactyla. I taxonomized it, putting the previous content in the "Text" section. Also gambier. -phma

"Pilot programming language" was moved to "PILOT programming language" leaving a blank instead of a redirect. -phma

Important note for all sysops: There is a bug in the administrative move feature that truncates the moved history and changes the edit times. Please do not use this feature until this bug is fixed. More information can be found in the talk of Brion VIBBER and maveric149. Thank you. --maveric149

Thanks for cleaning up my "August, Maine" mistake. -- Zoe

Hey Vicki, I saw your "azby" question on a userpage and since the user didn't answer, I will: the azby he's referring to means to take the first letter of a word, then the last, then the second, then the second-to-last, etc. until you meet at the middle. Hence "rhinoceros" in azby would be "rshoirneoc". It's a substitution s/he used to avoid having his email picked up by spambots. Cheers, Koyaanis Qatsi

Fixed EB1911 scan garbles in Susan B. Anthony as requested. I have print edition and will be glad to do this any time. Tom P. Ortolan88

Hi, there! Just a question: why did you substitute some kinds of Castilian with "most dialects of Spanish" in the Romanian entry? Castilian and Spanish are the same language, at least in Spanish usage. Marco Neves p.s.: sorry if i'm writing this in the beginning of the page, but I don't know if it is supposed to be in the end.

Castilian/Castellano is used by some Spanish-speakers to mean specifically Spanish-as-spoken-in-Spain, and pronunciation of a j as /h/ is common in Latin American Spanish as well. Also, "most dialects" is better English than "some kinds of". p.s. End is better, but either is okay. Vicki Rosenzweig 02:21 17 Jul 2003 (UTC)

I cannot reach your cited Web page, . David 16:15 Aug 11, 2002 (PDT)

Fixed - since the introduction of the new software, URLs with a full stop directly after them no longer work. Enchanter

Thanks much for your help on the supernova remnant page! It's wonderful to have a pro to ask these things. :) Of whom to ask these things...? Well, anyhow, thanks. :) -- April

You're welcome. (I caught that by chance; leaving notes here is probably a more reliable way of getting my attention, though I was pleased to be there so soon.) Vicki Rosenzweig

Vicki, thanks for rescuing the Eastern Prussians in Old Prussian language. I'm sure Helga will be happy about that, too. :-) --Ed Poor

Vicki, any entry in the Library of Congress Subject Index is either a search term someone is likely to use or a subject upon which books have been written. What was interesting is that although I spent a few minutes doing those few entries; making them was the entrepot for a bunch of related stuff like converting all the Australian Aborigine entries to being capitalized, so a lot of useful work did get done. User:Fredbauder

See answer on Fred's page. Vicki Rosenzweig

Hi Vicki -- Just wanted to let you know that I'll help fight the good fight for as long as it takes. Sorry Helga is such a prat. JHK

You asked The Cunctator the use of the Wail Ashehri page. My fault, it should be Wail Alshehri. Please, either remove your comment (if the question has now been answered) or update it (if not). Andre Engels

Hi, and purely for purposes of furthering my education, why do you say "Redirect" has to be in capitals for the command to work? It redirected as soon as I put it on Ellis Peters, and that's how I got to Edith Pargeter to upload it before you capitalized the command. So it may not be supposed to work if it's not all capitalized, but it does. -- isis

Never mind. I figured it out -- you're right, it didn't redirect: It created a link I followed to the new page. Thanks for teaching me the command has to be in caps. -- isis

Vicki, I think of you as my conscience (but you need not think of yourself that way, the job is overwhelming). Anyway, thanks for picking up on Arts and Crafts Movement, now one of us or both is going to have to learn something about it (!). In the meantime, make free with the Unun* family. Tom Parmenter. Ortolan88

PS -- Your unun changes look fine. It wasn't really boilerplate, just a paste buffer that I had to keep changing on the fly as I got into it. Fun of wikipedia is learning new stuff. Thanks again. Sounds like you should do a piece on the Berkeley scientists who went off half-cocked in 1999 (note that I removed the relative date, "two years ago", where I noticed it). Ortolan88
  • blush* Between us, we'll get this in shape. I had something on the Berkeley scientists; if it's not still in the history, I'll have to re-research this, since I threw that newspaper clipping away. Vicki Rosenzweig

Thanks for looking at global warming. I'm going to leave it alone until after Labor Day, to give Axel a chance to review it (he hates stealthy changes). --Ed Poor

Vicki, re majority/plurality. Although you are technically absolutely right, I believe we do not make the distinction here in the UK. And the winning candidate's majority would be his/her vote margin over the next candidate, not the gross number or percentage of votes received. A winning candidate has a majority even when receiving less than 50% of votes cast. In British parlance anyhow. I expect we're using the language incorrectly, but how else does language get meaning other than through use? Heck, I even heard a flight attendant ask us to "deplane the aircraft" one time... be seeing you --Nairobiny

As far as I know, while Americans are more likely to make the distinction, everyone will understand the term "plurality". If so, I think it would have been worth doing (if the numbers had been right) for those who do make the distinction. If "plurality" will confuse a UK audience, I will sigh regretfully over the loss of a useful distinction, and leave this alone in writing on British matters. Can someone clarify this? Vicki Rosenzweig
I think it's safe to say not everyone will understand the term "plurality", at least in the UK. I have only heard it used in technical contexts in the study of voting systems. So I think when we use terms like plurality and majority, we should generally make it clear from the context what is meant and not assume readers know the technical meanings of the terms. Enchanter (a Brit)

Hi Vicky, I just did some adding to the telescope article, as well as created the spectrograph one. Probably more people will have already done some editing, but I would appreciate some professional copyediting when you have the time. Thanks AstroNomer 17:12 Sep 5, 2002 (PDT)

Thanks. I had to revert back the part about diffraction limited. Its physical-astronomical jargon I'll have to explain somewhere.--AN

Thanks for correcting me. Still learning Wikipedia and appriceate your support. -- Jim

Hi Vicki! Thanks for fixing up Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico. I am amazed at the amount of work you do for Wikipedia. I'm new here; I guess the project "works" thanks to a few hundred (?) dedicated volunteers that constantly patrol the site stopping vandalism and improving what others leave incomplete or wrong. But the number of daily edits and new users is growing almost exponentially (Wikipedia:Statistics). Will the number of dedicated Wikipedians be able to keep up? Cheers --Jose Icaza

HI Vicki, I just linked the vandal you added, and followed the link but found only one edit in his/her history. Did I link it incorrectly? What happened? --KQ 15:00 Sep 28, 2002 (UTC)

More likely I misread recent changes. Thanks for checking. Vicki Rosenzweig

There is no need to jump on someone, especially when they're new(ish), just because I suddenly had to give my attention to something other than Wiki for a short while. I am constantly working on stubs that I or others have created. User:Renata

So am I. But it's easier when there's something to work with. When I don't have time to finish typing a sentence because something else comes up, I don't hit the "save page" button either. (By the way, while this is a wiki and it's therefore cool to delete stuff, I won't be able to work on that stub easily because you removed the identifying information from your talk page without moving it here.)

there are a lot of good books out there

columbus diary has been published and that should be quite interesting for you

actually what is in doubt, is not whether the dude was a slavetrader, but whether or not he was Italian!

I have no faith in the Kwame page (that's at, after the first paragraph:

" At the outset, it must be stated quite clearly that we Afrikan people, are the original, majority people with original ideas. Europeans are only an inherited, transmitting global minority people. Europeans did not invent, create or discover culture nor civilisation; they just inherited them and in some cases, stole them. Afrikans never lived in caves and in the icebox during the Ice Age for 20,000 years." This is not history, it's myth. "" appears to be an alternative newsweekly, not any kind of scholarly source. tells us that Columbus enslaved some of the natives when he got to the Americas, but describes him as an explorer. Vicki Rosenzweig

Hi Vicki. Thanks for tidying up the article Wong Fei Hung. Clearly the movie series by Jet Li is the only one you know but it is not the one I talked about - Well, a movie series consists of only four or five movies cannot be considered as a long movie series. Surely you had taught me a lesson that I should be careful not to make confusions. Thanks again. Wshun

Hi Viki. Appreciate you're edits on "Largest Cities in the world", but I was kinda still adjusting it.

It's a Wiki--if you think the taxation article is dangerous, rather than merely incomplete, move the dangerous stuff to its talk page. (I've added a note at the article's beginning stating that it's a brief overview.) Vicki Rosenzweig

I do believe it's dangerous, but it's not my problem, because it doesn't pose any danger to me, only to readers who rely on it and then to Wikipedia itself if it gets them into trouble. -- isis 19:01 Dec 9, 2002 (UTC)
Maybe something like that needs a disclaimer (not that everyone reads them of course...). Wikipedia:Boilerplate text would be the place to work on a standard. -- Tarquin
Don't you think having a disclaimer warning readers not to believe what an article says would undermine Wikipedia's credibility in general? -- isis 20:49 Dec 9, 2002 (UTC)

Hi Vicki -- I started a stubbish article on editors, if you want to jump in. -- Marj 05:40 Jan 11, 2003 (UTC)

If you have a spare moment there is a formatting question at Talk:Historical anniversaries/Example. --mav

Hi Vicky,

Why did you remove several relevant links from Port Authority of New York and New Jersey??? - Patrick 18:02 Feb 25, 2003 (UTC)

I thought they were excessive. (We don't need to link to ever mention of a place, for example.) If you disagree, put them back: I don't feel strongly about this. Vicki Rosenzweig

Vicky, In what way are the French a "race"? -- Zoe

I spoke loosely. "Ethnic slur" would be more accurate. It's still baseless prejudice. Vicki Rosenzweig
I did attempt to keep the reporting of the comment NPOV. Whether the comment is or not, it's become a catch phrase lately. -- Zoe

Hey Vicki,

Thanks for the info about _Science_. Can you tell me which issue? (It sounds like it is probably fairly current.)

BTW, I'm still trying to figure out this User_talk conversation protocol. If you leave a message on my page, do I respond on the same page, indented (as I see above). Or is it preferable for me to leave a reply on *your* page (like this)? Keeping it on the same page allows for a conversation to be followed, while putting a "reply from nowhere" on the User_talk page presents a handy "You've got new messages" link on the user's menu. (Please excuse my ignorance of terminology and protocol. I only just got here last week, and I didn't see anything in the FAQ or other introductory pages that I read.) -- Jrv 22:08 Mar 19, 2003 (UTC)

Last week's issue: "Genesis of Suicide Terrorism" by Scott Atran, Science 299, pp 1534-1539.
Either works. The advantage of answering in my talk page is that it ensures that I'll be told about it when I log in. The advantage of my answering here is that we get some continuity. Vicki Rosenzweig 23:39 Mar 19, 2003 (UTC)

Thank you for your copyediting of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan article. I am honored that you found it worthy of your attention. -- NetEsq 05:25 Mar 27, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Vicki,
thanks for your advice on copyright notices with regard to extinct mammals such as Prionessus, (or anything else for that matter). I'll try and work something in.
Trevor Dykes Apr 14, 2003

Addendum: I'm not sure it's a good idea to separate the source notice from the page itself, though. My reasoning is that it's also a reference, albeit not a scientific one. References should surely be shown on the entry itself, rather than on the talk page.

In response to certain comments by a well forgotten contributor to the mailing list you replied with the insightful phrase "Ye gods and little fishes". This reference may interest you: Eclecticology 23:57 Apr 19, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Vicky - there is a discussion on the WikiEN mailing list about capitalization and common vs proper nouns (specifically: what to do with the common names of plants and animals). As the premier authority here on copyediting matters I was wondering if you would like to weigh-in? Cheers! --mav

Of late, I've found myself getting annoyed at articles that begin as follows:

  • In quantum mechanics, a quark is...
  • In France, champagne is....

As a copy-editor, do you find anything wrong with such constructions? The reason (I think) they annoy me is that whatever the "quark" is (for example), it's that in and out of the field the clause tries to limit it to. But I also suspect that this is my "quirk" and may be a perfectly acceptable way to state things. -- Someone else 02:47 22 May 2003 (UTC)

I'd agree that it needs to be used more carefully. Something like "Champagne is a sparkling wine...In France, the erm is limited to..."
I don't offhand have a better solution to the problem, though. The goal is to quickly tell the reader what a quark, or a biconditional, is, and point them to more information. As such, the quantum mechanics intro for quark makes sense--that's the right place to go for more information--but pointing to France as the context for champagne (beverage) wouldn't be very useful, so I'm glad it's an arbitrary example, not the actual intro to that article.
I think I've got it now...such opening phrases seem to me to seek to distinguish the use of a term in one field from another, and should be necessary only if the term is used differently somewhere else. So I'm happier (anyway) if the article goes on to delineate other uses from which it is being distinguished. (Thanks for the guidance, I'm glad it's not entirely my personal bete noir.) -- Someone else 18:55 22 May 2003 (UTC)

Just to resolve the mystery, Shergar "disappeared", and Lord Lucan "disappeared". I agree with your assessment that the connection is sufficiently tenuous that it should be deleted<G> -- Someone else 01:25 9 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Thank you for improving my Tony Award article. RickK 02:53 26 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Thanks Vicky, that's exactly how I wanted it. Andrew Vanderesch. One more question about etiquette. Is it OK if I use your page to communicate with you or is there another way which is less disturbing but that assures me the other Wikepedian gets the message all the same?

This is fine, or I have a "user talk" page you can use. ==VR

Vicky, no criticism intended, but the term "Nearctic" has a new definition in ecology. Read the Ecoregions entry and follow the link to the new WWF and NG map of the terrestrial ecoregions of the world, and youll see that the definition that was there before was accurate, and your new one is using an old definition (which may still be in use for other purposes - ???)

I suppose someone could have come up with a more confusing term for that. Okay, change it back. Who are you, by the way? (And there's no y in my name.)

--- Sorry Vicki. Now I have to figure out how to change it back. But if you have an interest in this stuff you might want to add all the entries for all the ecoregions, since it's good party chatter for parties in Manhattan etc.


I'm just the voice writing the strange Ecoregional_Democracy link - the movement with so many names I had to make one up just to be broad enough... hey Shakespeare made up 1/4 of the words he used, let alone phrases.... sigh...

Changing things back is easy: you can use the "history" feature and save the version before the changes were made. But please see Wikipedia is not a dictionary: a useful article on Nearctic would describe this ecological region--biomes, species, why it's defined as a region, when it was named and defined, probably several things I haven't thought of.
And my "to do" list is quite long enough, thanks. (I'm leaving you a note on my page because I have no other way to reach you. If I didn't have a login either, how would we talk?) Vicki Rosenzweig

Are you sure about Timberline? I thought the timberline was the upper (in latitude or altitude) boundary of the forest.

Timberline is used locally in the Rocky Mountains, but treeline is used in the Arctic. Fred Bauder

That's not what I was asking. Let me try again: is the treeline/timberline a *region*? I thought it was the boundary, a line in the geometrical sense (with no thickness). Vicki Rosenzweig

Oh, yes, it is a region with a distinctive ecology and is rather broad. Readily distinquished from the Alpine zone below and the Tundra zone above. Fred Bauder

Hi, Vicki, Yes Tucson, Arizona is an outrageously short stub. But a big city that someone will eventually write about. Mostly I just noticed a "Tucson," a "Tucson,Arizona," and of course in my Tohono O'odham I had used "Tucson, Arizona." so I put in a stub and got all the different Tucsons to link to that page., Fred

Not only do these entries not make the Wikipedia look good--imagine doing a Web search on "Tucson, Arizona," finding a pointer to an encyclopedia, then that half-sentence--they probably make it less likely that someone will write about these places. One of the ways people decide what to write about is by looking at the "most wanted". A place with lots of links, and no stub, becomes a most-wanted, and then someone like me does a little research and writes it. A city with a page reading "A city in northern Arizona" won't turn up there, and can remain a stub indefinitely. Vicki Rosenzweig, Sunday, June 16, 2002

Thanks for editing "Gdansk", Vicki. Unfortunately, HJ just put back her old version. I decided to restore yours instead of mine, due to punctuation etc. Space CadetMon,06/24/02


Forgive me if this is an improper place to put a reply, I was unable to find documentation for the Talk feature of Wikipedia. Thanks for the heads-up on "Wikipedia is not a dictionary", I can see the logic in that decision. I'll try to create more expansive entries in the future. juwiley

It's cool. The User talk is also cool--and I'm going to move this there in a day or two. But user pages are for working on the 'pedia, so notes here are fine. Vicki Rosenzweig

Vicki, where is the "vote for deletion" link? Is it on each article page? Or what? Ed Poor 07:29 Jul 23, 2002 (PDT)

I don't know where it is now. Vicki Rosenzweig

Hi Vicki, I proposed deletion of Cro-Magnon to turn it back into an "edit"-Link and attract an author -- JeLuF 14:48 Aug 3, 2002 (PDT)

I think removing the content does that. No? Vicki Rosenzweig

Hi Vicki, at Maveric's request, New standards digest at history standards in place for your vote! JHK

I have just unblocked (contribs) (unblock) (uploading articles that fail google test: palmate newt, red eared terrapin): Mike Hatch contacted me and explained that he is the author of those articles. I've invited him to create a Wikipedia login.

--- thanks for cleaning up my soil life article- i intended to do some work on it but 'Significant Other' called me away from the PC to spend some quality time together, then promptly fell asleep.... Ah, real life, eh???

quercus robur